Born in Montreal, Quebec, EDNA HINTERMUELLER-BENZIGER graduated from VANIER COLLEGE with a DEC (Diplome en Etudes Collegiales), began her career as a Respiratory Therapist and became a tenured college professor for Vanier College at 23 years old. Ms. Benziger enjoyed teaching clinically and didactically for many years and assisted in Pulmonary Medicine and Anesthesiology research in the McGill University Hospital System during her tenure. 

Ms. Benziger continued her studies at the Faculty of Education at McGILL UNIVERSITY and graduated in 1986 with a post-graduate Diploma in College Teaching, majoring in Adult Education , Distance Learning and Media, including Photography and Computer Assisted Instruction (CIA). For her thesis, Ms. Benziger researched, developed and published one of the first educational software programs with her professor Dr. Emiliano DeLaurentis and his team from “Arrakis Systems, Inc” in Montreal. (Biology 101: Respiration: Prentice Hall Publishers, 1986). 

Ms. Benziger moved to NYC in 1987 while on a professional development leave of absence from Vanier College and studied Computer Applications Technology at COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and working in management as a Supervisor of Intensive Respiratory Care at COLUMBIA PRESBYTERIAN MEDICAL CENTER and BABIES HOSPITAL. She also worked Per Diem for the health care agency “ULTRA CARE, Inc”, covering shifts in many NYC hospitals and gaining more experience in Intensive Care and Emergency Respiratory Care. 

Within a year in NYC, she was offered and accepted a Directorship position at LAWRENCE HOSPITAL in Bronxville, NY where she was able to effect positive change, implement programs for quality assurance, accreditation and state-of-the-art technology as well as manage projects for expansion for the Emergency Room and Maternity and Neonatal Wards. This managerial position led to an opportunity to expand into a new career path when Ms. Benziger was appointed Director of MARKETING and SALES for “MEDICAL 

EXPRESS, Inc”, the hospital’s “for-profit” joint venture. After a few years of growing this home care business in the early 90’s, Ms. Benziger gave birth to her second child, lost her father to his battle with metastatic prostate cancer and chose to spend more time at 

home to raise her young family. She continued to work part time and was hired by one of her clients, the “WARTBURG HOME” in Mt. Vernon, NY to provide Respiratory Care services and preventative home care. 

 Ms. Benziger’s personal and professional journeys merged in 1992 when she had to discern a path to healing after a routine Pap Smear resulted in a diagnosis of “pre-cancerous cervical cells” and she adopted an “INTEGRATIVE” approach. Minor surgery combined with her first experience with “ENERGY MEDICINE” provided the most successful outcome to date. As a result, Ms. Benziger was certified as a REIKE MASTER and subsequently founded and directed "THE ENDLESS ENERGY CENTER”, a holistic “Wellness Center” that served her Bronxville, NY community north of Manhattan at the time of the World Trade Center tragedy. The center offered stress and trauma management focused on holistic healing with a team approach, including BIO-ENERGY MEDICINE, REIKE, MASSAGE, YOGA, CHANTING, MEDITATION, PERSONAL TRAINING and NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING. Ms. Benziger also guided retreats to Stowe, Vermont for outdoor activities focused on de-stressing and healing Mind, Body and Spirit. 

Ms. Benziger returned to the academic world at the same time in September of 2001 and was granted an honorary MS degree by HOLOS UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SEMINARY founded by Dr. Norman Shealy. She continued her Doctoral studies in ENERGY MEDICINE and SPIRITUAL HEALING from 2001-2008 while working as an independent distributor and trainer for several leading American multi-level marketing companies such as THE TRUMP NETWORK and EVOLVE HEALTH. Currently Ms. Benziger is an independent rep for (for LIQUID BIOCELL COLLAGEN) and other top neutraceutical companies to serve her clientèle.

Entrepreneurial by nature and always on the cutting edge of technology, Ms. Benziger establishing a private practice in the NYC area during the early years of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE which proved challenging as well as rewarding. She joined the first professional organization for INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE and attended their conference in NYC in 2001 and many other seminars and workshops , always expanding her academic and professional experience and networks. 

Ms. Benziger diversified as a consultant for several leading holistic healing centers and spas specializing in DETOX and BIO-ENERGY MEDICINE technologies and modalities. (ABUNDALIFE CLINIC, Asbury Park NJ ; CENTER FOR BIOFIELD SCIENCES, Puna India, VILLAGE DAY SPA, Bronxville NY, STOWE MOUNTAIN LODGE, Stowe Vt).

Ms. Benziger traveled extensively over the last 15 years to continue her training in many other complementary and alternative healing modalities with the following leaders in HOLISTIC DENTISTRY, BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE, QUANTUM MEDICINE, HYPERBARIC MEDICINE and MIND, BODY and SPIRIT HEALING: 

Dr. Thomas Rau (

Dr. Carl Benoit (

Dr. Norm Shealy (

Dr. Berney Williams (HUGS / University of Kansas)

Dr. Paul Drouin (

Dr. Konstantin Korotkoff,(

Dr. Krishna Madappa (GDV research, Taos NM)

Carolyn Myss (

Barbara Brennan (

Dr. Claude Swanson (The Invisible Universe)

Dr. Harry Oldfield (

Dr. Thornton Streeter (

Dr. Richard Bartlett (

Dr. John Kadela (


Glen Butler (

Adele Dionne (Feng Shui Master, Montreal Qc)

Anne Martin (Reike Master, Vt)

Dr. Bali (

In 2008, six months after the passing of her brother and mother a few weeks apart, Ms. Benziger was diagnosed with the first of three consecutive breast cancers within an 18 month period. Most of her immediate family had died of cancer over the years and Ms. Benziger underwent genetic testing and was positive for the BRCA2 gene known to increase the risk for breast, prostate and colon cancers. Her gandmother and aunt had died of breast cancer. Both her father and brother had lost their battles to prostate cancer after seriously toxic intervention including chemo and radiation therapy and extensive surgery. Her mother died of cervical, uterine and colon cancer after years of conventional medicine and toxic radiation therapy. She knew in her heart she had to follow a different path.

Eight years later Ms. Benziger is “cancer free” and “holistically healed” physically, emotionally and spiritually.....and considers herself blessed as a cancer “TRANSCENDER” rather than “survivor”.

Ms. Benziger followed an intensive INTEGRATIVE path to heal and chose to face her fears and transcend them with deep faith and courage. Thanks to early detection, she had only one minor lumpectomy for a small “Intra-ductal Stage 1” tumor and a sentinel lymph node biopsy, which was negative. Consequently Md. Benziger journeyed solo to Brazil to work with the renowned Brazilian healer JOHN of GOD. Using a BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE approach and aggressively tackling the physical DETOX phase of cancer healing with chelation, ozone and other IV therapies, strict alkaline diets, colonics and working closely with the world’s leading homeopath, Vega Rosenberg, Ms. Benziger prepared herself for her journey to the “CASA” where John of God facilitated a miraculous “SPIRITUAL SURGERY” for the remaining two tumors.

Returning home two weeks later, Ms. Benziger trusted JOHN of GOD’s advice to continue her “non-toxic” and “no fear” approach to healing despite serious recommendations by top breast cancer physicians to undergo double mastectomy, oophorectomy, reconstruction, chemo, radiation and hormonal therapies.....

Strict alkaline diets with supplementation and many alternative modalities including higher doses of HOMEOPATHY, TOTAL BIOLOGY, DNA REPROGRAMMING and PAST LIFE THERAPY were major factors in her deeper healing process. Eventually adopting a “MIND OVER MATTER MEDICINE” approach, following her “Soul’s calling” and honoring her “Sacred Contract” to network, educate, heal and help others, this process has evolved into Ms. Benziger’s current mission.

Through this personal journey of healing and transformation, “THE BENZIGER METHOD” TM has manifested and is a powerful high energy modality which serves to help people of all ages and all levels of consciousness and is not limited to breast or prostate cancer clients. Ms. Benziger works with a growing clientele ranging from young healthy athletes and Para-Olympians ready to enhance their energy and peak performance through expansion of their “BIO-FIELDS” to creative artists benefiting from “DIVINE DOWNLOAD”.... By accessing “SOURCE FIELD” through prayer and facilitating a QUANTUM BASED BIO-ENERGETIC process involving CHAKRA BALANCING, PAST-LIFE AND KARMIC CLEARING through HEART- BASED BREATHWORK, “THE BENZIGER METHOD” TM is truly a customized and powerful process for true and lasting transformation and deep spiritual healing.

Ms. Benziger works “remotely” but also really enjoys making old fashioned “house calls” when based at home in Sun Valley, ID, or travelling to former communities which include Montreal QC, Bronxville, NY, BayHead NJ, and Whitefish, MO. She is expanding her clientele and professional network internationally and offers customized and personalized “CONCIERGE” coaching for breast cancer clients as a focus of her private practice.

Recent training in BIOLOGICAL MEDICINE with world renowned Dr. Thomas Rau has expanded Ms. Benziger’s scope of practice and she offers customized private guiding for healing retreats to one of the best INTEGRATIVE MEDICAL CLINICS in the world based in Switzerland. (PARACELSUS KLINIK)

By special request only, Ms. Benziger will still guide private clients to work with JOHN of GOD in Brazil, at THE OMEGA INSTITUTE, NY or other internationally destinations.

Entrepreneurial by nature and always on the cutting edge of technology, Ms. Benziger establishing a private practice in the NYC area during the early years of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE which proved challenging as well as rewarding. She joined the first professional organization for INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE and attended their conference in NYC in 2001 and many other seminars and workshops , always expanding her academic and professional experience and networks.


YOGABLISS (Montreal, Qc)


Fluent in English, French and German, Ms. Benziger is expanding her business model internationally with FUND RAISING efforts to help more clients who don’t have the resources to benefit from her services, products or other alternative healing modalities as well as “payit forward” and support other foundations focused on research and education for Integrative Energy Medicine , Spiritual Healing and PREVENTION of BREAST CANCER. Her non-profit “TRANSCENDING THE PINK.ORG“ is being established to support this mission.

Ms. Benziger’s most recent mission effort to creatively offer heart healing and raise funds for her organization included traveling to the pearl markets in Beijing China to design her first collection of FRESH WATER PEARL and CRYSTAL JEWLERY focused on energizing the HEART chakra. Her “TRANSCENDING THE PINK TM“ Collection offers “PEARLS WITH PASSION AND PURPOSE” and can be custom designed for clients and other Breast Cancer Organizations for their fund-raising efforts during silent and live auctions. COLLABORATION is an important aspect of Ms. Benziger’s vision to expand and serve globally.

Ms. Benziger is a professional educator, speaker and author and is a vailable for radio and television interviews. She is passionate to write and publish books and is looking for traditional and E-book publishers to print affordable Kindle resource books and her PHOTO – JOURNAL book to inspire people to TRANSCEND CANCER THROUGH THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL.

Ms. Benziger can be reached through social media including: LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST and GOOGLE +.

CLIENTS, FOUNDATIONS , ORGANIZATIONS, as well as DONORS are welcome to contact her through personal email at, her website the Energy Pearl Collection will be available on-line at